2020 Awards Eligibility

For those of you who might be so inclined to nominate my work for any of the awards out there, here is a list of my work that is eligible from 2020.

I have my novel, but most of the rest is short stories. There’s a poem in there, too.

I would be incredibly humbled if you even considered such a thing for me.


Honor’s Gauntlet. This is my novel this year, set in the BattleTech universe. It’s published by Catalyst Game Labs and tells the tale of Archer Pryde, a Jade Falcon Warrior. He’s caught between the dictates of his clan and the realities of his duty. This novel also brought some of the first LGBTQ+ representation into the franchise and featured a diverse cast.

Short Stories

The Last Supper published in the anthology By Virtue Fall. This story tells the tale of a young woman of the Van Helsing line who is hunting a vampire, but the vampire actually wants to die. This is speculative fiction and horror.

Anything was published in an anthology called The Witching Time of Night. It’s the story of a man who will do anything to save the life of his deceased daughter. Even if it means bargaining with a witch. This is speculative fiction and fantasy horror.

The Lions of Prezno was my first BattleTech short published, it appeared in a collection called The Battle of Tukayyid. It’s a story about the Jade Falcons and their part in the classic battle from the initial clan invasion. This is speculative tie-in science fiction.

Paris, 1921 was published in the online magazine A Work of Fiction. It tells the tale of a young Hemingway-like writer and his wife, an artist in her own right, as they settle into Paris in 1921. This is historical literary fiction.

Hippocrates was published in the anthology The Function of Freedom. It won first place in the Historical Fiction category in the League of Utah Writers annual writing contest. It’s about a rural French doctor hiding partisans in his basement during the Nazi occupation. When a pair of Nazis arrive seeking his medical help, he’s left in quite a dilemma. This is historical literary fiction.


The Secret Fox is a novelette of 10,000 words and it was published in the third issue of Shrapnel magazine. It’s about a young woman who dreams of nothing more than being a MechWarrior. Through the story, who wish just might come true. This is speculative tie-in science fiction.


The Siege of River City is the only poem that might be suitable for the sorts of awards that you might be able to nominate for (such as the Rhysling, etc.). It was published in the online journal Salt Flats. It’s an epic fantasy poem.

All of these were published in 2020. They’re eligible for things like the Hugos, Nebulas, Locus Awards and many, many others. I’d be more than humbled if you were to consider checking these out and putting them on your ballot. And, if not, there’s always next time.



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Bryan Young

Bryan Young

Bryan Young is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, comics writer, and journalist. Learn more at www.swankmotron.com — Twitter: @swankmotron